Bruce Martin

VP of Sales

We understand how important communication is both on social media marketing is and in person. We are consultants for teams, companies, and franchises. As well as creating and delivering our resiliency training for our military and veterans.

Our weekday consists of bringing this software, AIMI Social, to business to make their social media presence consistent and of value. Finally a solution – AIMI is the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) smartphone app for small businesses that writes, designs, creates, and schedules every post for your entire month’s social media calendar.

On weekends – Our passion is to help military families with resiliency and building strong family units. Through our educational background and life experience we have developed tools that have immediate application to your life. All are geared towards building a strong resilient individual and family. Our adventure based background allows us to deliver communication skills and resiliency skills in a unique format.

Uniquely starting our life together – Bruce and Kathy got married on top of their 40 foot climbing tower. They have a unique combination of skills that a help business owners build business and individuals create the best person they can be.

Combining our background in education, counseling and experiential education, Drs. Bruce and Kathy Martin utilize their communication tool and understanding of communication styles to help businesses build a strong customer base with social media and also deliver great customer service to keep that customer base.