AI Strategist

Using machine learning, AIMI takes the guesswork out of developing your social media editorial content calendar.

Are you ready to spend more of your time closing new sales instead of figuring out social media strategies on your own?

Let AIMI do it.

AIMI is like having a full-time social media marketing expert on staff monitoring your results 24-7 and making the adjustments you need for maximum success!

AIMI continues to analyze the live results and get’s smarter in how she constructs the content and strategies that will work best for your industry.

How it works.

Think of AIMI like a self-driving car. You can let the AI do all the driving and make course corrections as needed. But at any time, you can grab control of the wheel and drive as you see fit.

AIMI’s automation and content creation powers work similarly.

Content Calendar

Everything with AIMI starts with your monthly social media editorial content calendar. The calendar is where AIMI houses all your social posts for the month.


Your calendar is created every month automatically from individual campaigns associated with the calendar. These can be found in your campaign library.

Auto-Build Feature.

When a campaign is created using our auto-build feature, this tells AIMI to rebuild that campaign on the 1st of every month based on the campaign's settings.

Using our Smart Sync feature, she picks the best times, days, and proper amount of posts to create and add to your calendar from that campaign every month.

Next, she strategically merges all the content created for the month from all of your "auto-build" campaigns to develop your complete social media editorial calendar.

Monthly Rebuild.

She will notify you on the 1st of every month by email, push, and/or browser notification to log in and rebuild your calendar. In seconds your monthly calendar is created for that month.

All you do is make any minor edits and schedule your posts to auto-publish your favorite social media channels.

A social media marketer's dream.

For marketers, social media experts, or those with their own strategies, AIMI’s automation powers are a game-changer. You can customize every campaign associated with your calendar to perfection.

You can use our advanced campaign controls to run them exactly the way you want them to.

For example:

You can have the auto-build campaign only run at specific points of the calendar month, for example, days 10 - 15, or run it for the entire month.

You can control the number of posts created per day, what days of the week to schedule those posts, what time frames, or the exact time to schedule the posts.

You can tell AIMI only to use your custom library of uploaded images instead of using her designs and image library. So every month, she will construct that campaign from your library, giving you precise control over how the post's imagery should look.

AIMI has strategies for over 40 industries. New ones are added all the time!



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