AI Copywriter

Use AIMI's proprietary natural-language generation technology to write highly engaging social posts in seconds. No more writer's block or expensive copywriters.

Stop spending hours trying to write the perfect social post.

Let AIMI do it.

Customize AIMI in minutes and watch her write an endless amount of unique social posts every month automatically. Stay consistent every day on your various social media channels to drive new followers, engagement, and sales.

How it works.



Select from our list of campaign categories like sales, events, etc.




We give you 8 sample post templates around your chosen category to customize. AIMI only needs one to generate your social posts.

It's that easy!



Hit the "Build" button to generate hundreds of high-converting social posts in seconds.

All done.



Make any minor edits and schedule your posts to be auto-published to your favorite social channels.

Figuring out how to write a tweet is a thing of the past.

AIMI writes two versions of every post; one that is over 280 characters perfect for FB, LI, and IG; she also writes another version under 280 characters, perfect for Twitter.​

The more samples you add, the better the content.

If you’re looking for the most robust and uniquely written posts, we recommend giving AIMI more sample variations, each with a different way of positioning your business or offer.

Explore our campaign categories.

AIMI can create social posts to promote the following:

Retail Store or Business

Product Advertisement

Product Launch

Sale on Products

New Location

Free Trial or Sample

Market a Service

Sale on Services

ebook, Guide, etc.

A New Blog Article

Blog, Video, Podcast Channel

A Video or Episode

A Podcast

Expo, Seminar, etc.


Sporting Events


New Position

Side Gig

Membership or Loyalty

Charity or Non Profit

Crowdfunding Campaign

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