A social media marketer's dream.

Our AI social media content automation platform allows businesses to create social media content at an infinite scale using our proprietary human-driven process.

Text Automation

Use our proprietary natural language generation (NLG) to produce millions of variations and permutations of social media text.


Auto Publishing

Connect your various social networks to the platform to allow AIMI to auto-publish your posts on your behalf.


Graphic Design Automation

Customize AIMI and watch her design beautiful social media post graphics every month automatically.


Creator Tools

Construct new campaign categories for any strategy you need to create using our proprietary content creation engine.


Content Calendar Automation

Automate your winning social strategies or use ours. Customize your campaigns and content calendar to perfection.


Agency Tools

Manage and create your client's social media strategies seamlessly using our approval and white-labeling tools.


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