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AIMIsocial is more than just a scheduling tool — it’s a revolutionary way to automate social media content and strategy creation using AI. Those that switch to AIMIsocial save time, lower costs, and increase profits. They stay consistent on social media with less hassle. And they’re far more efficient than before.

Here’s how AIMIsocial makes it happen.


It starts with an AIMIsocial calendar!

With AIMIsocial, you set up your automated strategy into an AIMI calendar. Each calendar contains everything related to your social media content strategy: all the automated campaigns, images, social channels, RSS feeds, and posts.

With AIMIsocial, you can create one calendar and automated strategy that auto-publishes to all your social networks (FB, IG, LI, or TW) or create an individual calendar for each social network.


Your social posts are created from automated campaigns associated with the calendar.

Each automated campaign can write, design, and schedule each post needed based on your strategy. You have complete control over how you want the campaign to produce the content or use our AI to make the decisions for you.

It’s infinite split testing at scale. No two posts sound the same, and she can create millions of permutations and variations of the posts you need.


Next, AIMI strategically merges all posts into your monthly calendar.

With a click of a button, you can rebuild all the campaigns in your calendar at one time to generate your complete monthly social media strategy of posts in secs.

Make any minor edits, swap out a post for another, add any one-off custom posts or campaigns and then schedule all your posts instantly to auto-publish to all your social networks (FB, IG, LI, or TW).


Rinse & repeat!

Get notifications to rebuild your monthly strategy for the next 30 days on the first of every month. Use our desktop version or take AIMI on the road with our mobile app and repeat step#3 above.

With AIMI, It just gets done.

Create your winning automated strategy!

40+ Industry Strategies

Generate a calendar strategy with a few clicks and then customize it to perfection.

300+ Campaigns

Create automated campaigns to market anything or educate your audience.

500+ Post Designs

AIMIsocials dynamic designs instantly create beautiful visuals using your branding.

15k+ Stock Photos

Leverage our royalty-free image library to have AIMI create the perfect social post or upload yours.

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