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With AIMI, it just gets done.

Social media business pages matter.

Did you know over 1.5 billion users of Facebook leverage the platform to search for local products and services every day, which is almost 40% of Google’s daily search volume?

Your clients are now finding you first on social media before they visit​​ your website, see your billboard, or Google you.

With AIMIsocial, you can make sure your social channels look amazing on auto-pilot every day.

With AIMIsocial in place, you can!

Ensure A Great First Impression

Studies show that 95% of your prospects will look you up online prior to buying your products. Great social media content and posting help them see you as current and professional, not someone who is "behind the times."

Stay Top Of Mind

When someone in your area thinks "lashes" who comes to mind? If it's not you right now, it's fixable, and great content can help. It enables you to literally place yourself in the palms of your prospects' hands without breaking the bank.

Build Thought Leadership

Great content helps you showcase your professionalism, process, and expertise without having to brag or self-promote. Cut through the noise and show your prospects that you're different.

Deepen Customer Relationships

There are only so many times you can see or talk to a customer throughout the year. Social content allows you to stay in front of them in a relevant, meaningful way and builds on the relationship.

AI social media content automation for Doll House Brand Ambassadors.

Before AIMIsocial: Creating and scheduling social media content for yourself was time consuming, repetitive, and costly. After AIMIsocial: You have advanced content automation powered by AI that constructs your social media calendar of content every month in seconds.

Our automation platform writes, designs, creates, and schedules every post for your entire month’s social media calendar. AIMIsocial is your AI social media strategist and develops a beautiful calendar of daily of posts, so you save time, reduce costs and stay consistent.

With AIMIsocial and the power of AI, you can leverage social media marketing effectively to grow your Doll House business.

Your strategy consists of hundreds of designs, thousands of images, and millions of ways AIMI writes your text content.

Also Included with your account!


Generate a calendar strategy with a few clicks and then customize it to perfection.


Get training via our dedicated Facebook group and advice from our experts.

Article Curation

Strategically create posts from your blog, third-party blogs or YouTube channels.

15k+ Stock Photos

Leverage our royalty-free image library to have AIMI create the perfect social post or upload yours.

With AIMI, it just gets done.

Using AIMIsocial takes minutes per month.

Super easy.

You can manage your calendar with a swipe of a finger or a few clicks.

Edit Posts

We make it easy to change out a picture, design, tweak the text and much more.

Swap Posts

Don’t like a post? Swap out one for another from the library of unused posts.

Schedule Posts

Click the schedule button on each post or use our “schedule all” feature.

Your own voice.

You have the ability to add custom content to your calendar quickly at any time.

Campaign Creator

Customize campaigns as needed.

Custom Post Editor

Create custom posts as needed.

Content curation.

Automatically share your blog articles, podcasts, and video channel XML feeds turn yourself into a thought leader.

Share article posts

Provide all approved feeds and have AIMI do the rest by picking articles and content to share on your calendars. Give your past content a new lease on life.

Swap Articles

Don’t like a article post? Swap out one for another from the library of articles.

With AIMI, it just gets done.