Automate your social media editorial content calendar.

AIMIsocial is like having a full-time social media marketing content expert on staff working 24-7. She allows you to take your best creatives and social strategies and then automate them at an infinite scale.

Calendar automation.

Everything with AIMI starts with your monthly social media editorial content calendar, and the calendar is where AIMI houses all your social posts for the month.

Your calendar is automatically created every month from individual campaigns associated with the calendar, which can be found in your campaign library.

Auto-build feature.

When a campaign is created using our auto-build feature, this tells AIMI to rebuild that campaign on the 1st of every month based on the campaign’s settings.

Using our Smart Sync feature, she picks the best times, days, and proper amount of posts to create and add to your calendar from that campaign every month.

Next, she strategically merges all the content created for the month from all of your “auto-build” campaigns to develop your complete social media editorial calendar.

Monthly rebuild.

Get notifications to rebuild your monthly strategy for the next 30 days on the first of every month. All you do is make any minor edits and schedule your posts to auto-publish your favorite social media channels. Use our desktop version or take AIMI on the road with our mobile app.

Create social posts at an infinite scale with AIMI campaigns.

#1 Pick your campaign category.

Choose from over 300+ vertical-specific and generic campaigns that can write millions of variations and permutations of post-text content. Or you can use our Creator Tools to build custom campaign categories to perfection.

#2 Customize your campaign options.

Each campaign comes with various options that you can control to customize how the post content is created. Manage call-to-actions, URLs, hashtags, append compliance text, and so much more.

#3 Provide AIMI with a sample.

How do you train AIMI to create text content based on your unique marketing needs? It’s with samples, and we make it easy to create samples with drop-down options, input fields, and more.

#4 Pick the images or let AIMI decide.

Based on your sample answers AIMI will try and pick image collections to use for your campaign. You can at any time tell AIMI only to use your custom library of uploaded images instead of using her designs and image library. So every month, she will construct that campaign from your library, giving you precise control over how the post’s imagery should look.

#5 Advanced campaign controls.

Set one-off campaigns to create posts using a date range. Or set up an auto-build campaign that makes posts during specific points of the calendar month, for example, days 10 – 15, or run it for the entire month.

You can control the number of posts created per day, what days of the week to schedule those posts, what time frames, or the exact time to schedule the posts.

#6 Post library.

Your library is where all the posts that were created for that campaign build are organized. In this section, make edits, swap out, schedule, and delete posts for that specific campaign.

#7 Scheduled posts.

In this section, you will find a historical record of all posts scheduled and published for the campaign. You can mass unschedule posts and use the filter tools to find published posts from the past.

Strategically create posts from your favorite blogs or YouTube channels

Our article curation feature allows AIMI to create article posts around your industry or subject matter to share in your calendar strategy. Our current library includes over 500+ RSS feeds and over 140K articles indexed so far.

She automatically adds RSS feeds you can control based on the selected calendar strategy. You also have the option to add custom feeds from your blog, any YouTube channel, Podcast channel, or from any valid RSS/XML feed.

When AIMI auto-builds your calendar on the 1st of the month, she will grab articles from your “Article Library” and add them as posts strategically in your calendar for you to schedule. Adjust the settings around the time frames and frequency of articles AIMI adds to your calendar every month.

Unlock infinite possibilities with Creator Tools.

Creator Tools is the proprietary content creation engine that drives your account.

With Creator tools, you can:

  • Create custom campaign categories & text-automation’s.
  • Create reusable calendar strategies that can be deployed and customized quickly. Perfect for agencies and sales teams.
  • Take complete control of the default RSS feed library and feeds assigned to a calendar strategy.

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