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More profits, less overhead, and your clients social content deliverables created in secs, not hours.

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Unlock your content bottleneck.

According to Gartner…

“Since 2020, content will become marketing’s biggest bottleneck.

AI will boost content creation — including video — by more than a third, and autonomous marketing systems will issue about half of multichannel marketing messages, leading to a 25 percent increase in response rates because of a greater targeting precision.

Gartner says that content, not data, is the bottleneck to personalization at scale.”

Do you know how much your content costs?

Stop spending so much on social media content deliverables.

Lower Cost Per Post.

Once set up, for your client AIMIsocial can produce social content at the cost of pennies per post. With these savings, you can increase profits and your overall bottom line.

Less Manual Work.

On average, DIY marketers go from spending 6-10hrs per week generating organic social content to spending less than 1hr per month with AIMIsocial. Onboard more clients without more overhead.

Beat The Competition.

Go from offering three posts per week to three posts per day. With AIMIsocial in place, you can provide more value to your clients and a faster “speed to market.”

Infinite growth is a process change away!

Before AIMIsocial: Every month it’s planning meetings, content drafts, design approvals, and loading posts in your scheduling tool.

Even if your team wears multiple hats, this is a time-consuming and expensive process every month, essentially telling the same client story repeatedly.

There are only so many posts your team can create and only so many clients they can handle in a month.

So to scale your agency, you need to take on more overhead.

After AIMIsocial: You no longer create one-off posts and load them into a scheduling tool. Instead, you create a library of reusable automated campaigns and strategies.

When a new client onboards, you perform your standard client discovery and strategy development.

Next, your team can reuse an existing calendar strategy you created in AIMI for a previous client and quickly rebrand, customize and deploy.

Or you can quickly customize any of AIMI’s 300+ campaigns or build your own to develop your automated strategy for your client.

Keeping your clients consistent every month has never been this efficient.

Once your client’s calendar strategy is in place, on the 1st of every month, it takes only a few clicks to rebuild the strategy over again for the client with hundreds of new unique posts.

Swap out social posts, images, and designs, or make any minor text edits needed. Do it all from the desktop or on the road with our native IOS and Android apps. When you are ready, automatically schedule all your clients calendar posts to publish to FB, LI, TW, and IG.

With AIMI, it just gets done.

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