Social media banner image best practices.

Your social media banner is the most critical piece of real estate on your page. It is the first thing a viewer sees when they visit your page, and with less than six secs to impress them, you need to make sure your banner does a great job of grabbing their attention and telling them what you offer.

You can use this real estate in many ways to showcase a new product, your services, highlight an offer, promote an event, introduce your team, or promote accolades or awards.

(1) Follow the guidelines.
When creating your banner, make sure you use a unique image to represent your page. Make sure the image isn’t misleading or deceptive. Also, make sure any images used do not infringe on someone else’s copyright. Facebook has a set of rules you must follow they can be found here:https://www.facebook.com/help/www/333543230019115

(2) Make sure you use the correct sizes.
Each social network has different dimensions for the banner image on your profile/page. Below are the sizes of each social network and specs you need to know:

Facebook (820 x 312 pixels.)
LinkedIn (1584 x 396 pixels.)
Twitter (1500 x 500 pixels.)

(3) Account for how it looks on mobile.
Studies show the majority of your viewers (over 90%) will be seeing your social profiles on their mobile devices. It is best to optimize for mobile devices first and desktop second.

(4) Don’t make it complicated.
We recommend you create a clean and simple banner. Make sure not to have too many elements or text pulling people’s eyes all over. Create the main CTA call-to-action to drive action by the viewer.

(5) Make sure it stays on brand.
If you don’t have brand standards yet, make sure you come up with your own. Use the same colors, fonts, and design elements on your banners and social posts. Having consistency in design and style allows your page to look professional. It helps you create mind-share, and studies show will help you increase revenue.

(6) For Facebook, optimize for the CTA button.
Make the right side of your banner the focal point. You want to draw the viewer to eyes to your CTA button.