Facebook business page invite best practices.

Once your page is set up and ready for primetime, a great way of getting early followers is to invite your Facebook friends to become followers of your page. On average, you will convert 5% of your Facebook contacts to follow your page.

The following activities will take more of your time but can go a long way in getting more followers.

(1) Group Your Audience By Relationship

Why is this important? Because your “friends of friends” won’t accept your invitation unless you’ve built a following and some social authority. 

Group your audience into five groups: Family, Close Friends, Friends, Acquaintances, and Friends of Friends. Send invites to your family first, then wait a few days and send to your close friends, so on and so forth. It may take some time to get through your list this way, but you may see a better conversion of followers.

(2) Send Your Invites

Keep in mind, try to send between 10 – 25 invites per day so you can adequately follow up with them after.

(3) Use Messenger To Send A Personal Invite To The 25 You Just Invited.

Facebook doesn’t give you the capability to send a message with a Facebook Business Page invite. Once you have sent the automated invite to your segmented group, the way around is to send them a personalized message inviting them to the page to follow and like. Make sure you highlight the benefits of following the page.

(4) Follow Up With New Fans

This is a great way to start a conversation and create new leads.

Let them know that you appreciate their support and that you’re always a message, comment, or call away if they need assistance around your product and services.

For instructions on how to invite a friend in Facebook, go here: https://www.facebook.com/business/learn/lessons/invite-friends-to-a-facebook-page