Human-driven content automation powered by AI.

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With AIMI, It just gets done.

Before AIMIsocial: Creating and scheduling social media content was time consuming, repetitive, and costly.

After AIMIsocial: Advanced content automation powered by AI that constructs your social media editorial calendar of content every month in seconds.

Lower Cost Per Post.

Once set up, AIMIsocial can produce social content at the cost of pennies per post. With these savings, you can increase profits and your overall bottom line.

Less Manual Work.

On average, digital marketers go from spending 6-10hrs per week generating organic social content to spending less than 1hr per month with AIMIsocial.

Beat The Competition.

Go from posting three posts per week to three posts per day. With AIMIsocial in place, you can provide more value to your audience and clients without increasing overhead.

Out with the old.

In with the new.

You provide the strategy, campaign concepts, building blocks, and design assets or use ours.

AIMIsocial then uses her proprietary AI content generation powers to produce millions of variations and permutations of your social post content.

Then, she picks the best from all campaigns and combines them to form your complete social media strategy content calendar in seconds.

Finally, she posts automatically every month to your social channels.

With infinite combinations
comes unlimited results.

Create a winning automated strategy.

40+ Industry Strategies

Generate a calendar strategy with a few clicks and then customize it to perfection.

300+ Campaigns

Create automated campaigns to market anything or educate your audience.

15k+ Stock Photos

Leverage our royalty-free image library to have AIMI create the perfect social post or upload yours.

500+ Post Designs

AIMIsocials dynamic designs instantly create beautiful visuals using your branding.

See what makes us unique.

AIMIsocial is a game changerBut don't take our word for it.

Agencies, marketers, brands, sales teams, and small business owners worldwide have revolutionized how they create their social media strategies using AIMIsocial’s AI Social Media Content Automation Technology.


"AIMIsocial is a marketing expert, writer, technical wiz, and master administrator all rolled into one powerful and easy-to-use app.”

Android Headlines


“You won't have to spend hours trying to come up with a perfect post since AIMI (app) will do it for you. ”

Mobile App Daily


“AIMIsocial provides a perfect solution for scheduling your social media posts and creating content that will help elevate your social media presence.”



“AIMIsocial is a smartly designed app. It has the capability of putting your content creation process on auto-pilot.”



“The app can save you time so you can focus on growing your business and not have to do tedious content creation each week.”



“You can effectively save time each month by allowing AIMIsocial to do the work of creating and posting content on social media.”



"We love AIMIsocial. This slick, user-friendly app harnesses the power of AI to essentially take your social media responsibilities off your hands.”

App Advice


“The writing was catchy and engaging, and the photos matched the content well. All it took was a few edits... and the post was ready.”



“There’s no other tool on the market that is able to create a fully-fledged social media marketing strategy and generate a campaign in minutes.”


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